Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning
Dedicated cleaning for villas and apartments. Includes contract, planned and scheduled cleaning; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and other periodical and one-time jobs

Commercial Cleaning
Shopping and business centers, offices, reception areas and airports.

Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning
High-tech manufacturing and assembly facilities require extraordinary care in cleaning and maintenance. Our industrial and warehouse specialists have been specially trained and equipped to provide cleaning and maintenance services to these sectors.

Construction Clean Up

When it comes to your construction cleanup projects, you can count on MERAL. We approach your construction cleaning projects like we do every other cleaning project: Working with you. From construction debris removal to fine detailed cleaning and polishing, we sweat the  small stuff so that you can concentrate on the big picture. 

We offer this value-added service with the flexibility to work around your schedule. And we ensure that your tenants, customers or visitors are never inconvenienced. 
Preparing your new building for use may sound simple, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution to construction cleaning. The right tools, processes and knowledge are essential to getting the job done right. More importantly, having a service provider with the expertise and experience in construction cleanup plus the resources to customize our cleaning program to meet your deadlines and special requirements – these are important business considerations that could end up saving you valuable time and money. This is where MERAL comes in with the ability to answer all your concerns operationally.

Our construction cleanup services are available for a variety of specialty construction projects.

Convenience And Trust

Each customer creates their own customized task schedule of work to be performed at their home or office facility, we are flexible and work 24 hours 7 days a week.

All jobs are thoroughly inspected by an on site supervisor, backed up by random spot checks by manager's of MERAL for quality assured service that exceeds the expectations

Professional Services include.